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We are a community driven project with fairness and equality on Kucoin Community Chain with an amazing ecosystem for greater utilities.


About Us

KCC Launchpad is a community driven launchpad driven on the platform of fairness & equality. We are not limited to a launchpad project but also have a growing ecosystem to enable us increase our utilities. We also have our swap- KCL Swap where users can exchange or list coins for other stable coins, make passive income streams through Yield Farming, Staking, Lottery, Playing of games for cryptocurrency & lots more.

Our Vision

To Revolutionize The Defi And Launchpad Scene On The Platform Of Fairness And Integrity.

Our Mission

We aim to help streamline the process for new and existing project teams looking to make an impact in the DeFi scene, whilst providing exclusive, and secure opportunities for our community.

Our Solution

The introduction of the Binance Smart ( BSC) was meant to solve the drawbacks of high fees and congestion associated with the Ether Chain and hence the coming of many lauchpads on the BSC. But in recent times, many small but promising projects have been unable to launch on this launchpads due to the many demands/terms set by this established Launchpads on the BSC thus giving rise to many scam launchpads.
The desire to see these anomalies corrected led to the formation of the Kucoin Community Chain Launchpad (KCC Launch) on the Kucoin Community Chain.
We create a single, safe destination for both presale investors and prelaunch projects. Investors benefit from exclusive access to safe, innovative projects and rewarding investments on the Kucoin Community Chain. Projects benefit from our exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, influencers & providing increased exposure, complimentary audits, better liquidity, and a dedicated community ready to back them up.


Why KCC Launchpad?

Guaranteed allocations for $KCL token holders

Users who hold our tokens will receive guaranteed allocations on latest projects launching in our launchpad. Selection will be based on the total number of coins staked and overall weight score.

Staking benefits

Staking increases your overal weight score and this gives you a higher allocation during IDO rounds. You also get to participate in our pool as you earn more $KCL tokens.

Project Launch

Our platform creates a fair system which allows us pick great projects with potentials and realistic goals without making outrageous demands from team. We also help projects get the necessary marketing to enable them reach a wider audience.

Passive Income

KCC Launchpad believes that everyone deserves to earn more while hodling and we are ready to do just that. We have created several pools for Yield Farming, Trade & Earn, Playing Lottery(You buy tickets with $KCL tokens and win big by sharing in the total amount raised), Playing games to earn cryptocurrencies for free, Stake and earn more tokens.

KCL Swap

In the following weeks, we would be launching our swap where users can swap coins for stable coins, new projects can get listed immediately after launch, users can enjoy farming features & lots more.

Growing Ecosystem

KCC Launchpad isn't just a launchpad for solely launching new projects. We have a growing ecosystem which makes us stand out from other projects only depended on launches and pumps and dumps. We believe Crpto is bigger than that and we stick to the vision of Satoshi! In the following weeks we shall launch our Freelance platform & other amazing projects where users can transact with $KCL tokens for 50% discounts. We also have several partnerships with E-commerce websites that will allow $KCL tokens to be used for the purchase of goods and services.



Our Journey So Far

Our Operation
We are well certified


There shall be 15 Million Maximum Supply of our token ($KCL)

2% of transactions distributed every second to holders

3% of transactions sent to liquidity

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By Advisors & eNEBULA!


Questions and Answers

Kindly follow us on twitter and join our telegram announcement channel for more information.

So many people have been asking who our VCs are? The answer is simple: We don't have VCs and we will NEVER have one. Most VCs dump on projects leaving "grassroot" investors to bear the heat. Most VCs are rarely interested in the long term sustainability of the projects they invest in and often times dump on projects. KCC Launchpad is a community-driven Project... Our VCs are our COMMUNITY MEMBERS. And we remain committed to this ethos!

Due to certain restrictions from our various countries we chose to remain anonymous so we keep the community safe and active. However, we shall do necessary KYC with influencers, advisors, etc.

You can send an email to askme@kcclaunch.net

Kindly check our medium handle.

There shall be 15 Million Maximum Supply of our token ($KCL)

Our Partners

Our Team

Nathan Hill


Juvin Eapen

Operation Officer

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